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Camdeboo Meat Processors  

Meat Processors

We were asked to supply a vacuum tumbler with cooling for meat. The outcome was quicker tumbling time with lower temperatures. A more even and deeper penetration of tumble mixture was achieved. The project was a joint venture with Crown National Machine division.

Here with a picture of staff at Camdeboo Meat Processors after an installation of a cooling Vacuum Tumbler for Venison and Ostrich meat.

Burger King Factory Cape Town

At the launch of the Burger King Factory in Cape Town.......

Dantech Africa supplied the patty stacker for the Burger King plant in Cape Town. The other machinery that went into the plant was all the packaging machines pallet wrapper and box taping machines for both top and bottom. Grinders, a guillotine and a formax was also installed.  

Patty Stacker

British Built DanTech Patty Stacker PS 1-2... Designed for the organisation, collection and sorting of burger and other meat patties in the food factory. The DanTech Patty Stacker is ergonomic, efficient and competitively priced.

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